Led by a team of established and talented speakers from all over the word, the conference offers a diverse range of topics in both plenary sessions as well as 4 tracks of breakout sessions. The topics have been carefully selected and designed to enhance your knowledge on the emerging trends in the global IP environment and IP ecosystem. Day 1 is focused on the Capturing of IP Value and Day 2 on Commercialising IP value. GIPVC 2015 will also offer extensive networking opportunities to the leading minds of IP in the region. With a combined population of more than 600 million, the ASEAN population represents the third largest market in the world after China and India. With a relatively young population demographics as well as a burgeoning middle class, ASEAN is well positioned to become the next economic superpower. GIPVC 2015 will offer the delegate an excellent opportunity to connect with the leading minds of IP community in the region as it accelerates into the Ideas Economy. GIPVC 2015 provides an excellent forum and platform for a divergent range of stakeholders and key players in the IP community including businesses, innovators, researchers, financiers, policy makers, IP practitioners as well as entrepreneurs. This enables them to share, showcase and exchange best practices, experiences and stories and be the bridge, the accelerator and the enabler to spur more commercial activities, trade and investment with a focus on intangible assets and IP.